NexGen Vapor was founded rather recently for the sole purpose of developing and producing the finest power regulated personal vaporizer on the planet, and possibly the known universe.

This venture is the brainchild of Jon Pankin and Mike Oakes, both avid vapers, who were sick and tired of the mass-produced junk so widely available today. Granted, there are some very fine small-batch products on the market, but for some reason (well, lots of reasons) they just didn’t “do it” for us. So, after many weird and not so wonderful prototypes we finally created the Futura – and we love it.

Is the Futura the ultimate PV? You tell us. In fact, we hope you do. With indispensable help from the fine folks at Evolv Vapor we believe we’ve really hit upon what advanced vapers have been seeking. But we’re always open to suggestions, so don’t be shy – tell it like it is. If you love the Futura, let us know. If you worship the Futura, please share. If you hate the Futura, you have the right to remain silent! Just kidding – any and all commentary is welcomed.

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