FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the Futura?

The Futura is the world’s most advanced power-regulated personal vaporizer. It’s capable of using any standard 510 or Ego-connected atomizer, cartomizer, clearomizer, or RBA (ReBuildable Atomizer).

What’s variable wattage?

Variable wattage allows you to adjust the number of watts, or energy conversion, that power your atomizer.

What’s the difference between variable wattage and variable voltage?

Variable voltage devices adjust the number of volts, or electrical potential, that power an atomizer. Variable wattage units adjust the actual heating power to the atomizer.

Why should I care if a device is variable wattage or voltage?

This is an old debate, and one which hasn’t been very well addressed. Basically, there are very good reasons to care one way or another. A variable voltage device delivers a set voltage to the heating coil, and the best ones do this with very little variation. In other words, if the device is set for, say, 4.7 volts, that’s exactly what you’ll get at the coil. The problem is, coils aren’t electrically static. A coil’s heating potential is determined by the number of watts it’s generating, but this can change if the coil’s resistance is altered, which it always is as soon as power’s applied. If the coil’s resistance increases, with a variable voltage system the wattage will decrease. If it decreases, the reverse is true. Understand that the vaping experience is a function of wattage, not voltage or current alone. These latter two combine, along with coil resistance, to produce the wattage which determines the heat at which your coil is vaporizing e-liquid.

A variable voltage device will produce fluctuating wattage at the coil – not good for a consistent, smooth vape. A variable wattage unit will supply consistent wattage to the coil, resulting in the smoothest, most satisfying vape available.

That’s great (and long), but why is the Futura any better than all the cheaper Asian mods out there?

In today’s vaping world you certainly have a wide range of both variable voltage and wattage mods to choose from (and many are both in one). Aside from far superior build quality and feature set, the Futura has a number of advantages:

  • The most advanced chipset available. The Futura has the ability to adjust up to 10,000 times per second for unparalleled power consistency. In fact, the DNA 20 board has the processing power of a Pentium 100, and dedicated to one end: providing perfectly flat, even power to your atomizer. Cheaper mods check power exactly once – when you press the fire button. You’re on your own thereafter.
  • The DNA 20 has an 800 hz output frequency. The cheaper chipsets run at 33 hz and produce the dreaded “rattlesnake” effect.
  • The Futura will work with RBAs using coils with resistances as low as 0.7 ohms at full power.
  • The Futura produces a vaping consistence and experience unavailable on less expensive devices.

This all sounds like bunk. How can a coil react to small voltage or wattage changes that quickly? Give me a break…

The quick answer is, it can. Really. Hard to believe, but true. These cols are very small, thin lengths of wires which are very sensitive in that they heat and cool super fast, unlike an electric stovetop or a large piece of pig iron. Even those, however, are heating and cooling a lot faster than you think – just not as visibly.

How’s the battery life?

The DNA 20 is 93% efficient, which means that 93% of the battery’s power reaches the coil, while only 7% is dispersed as heat from the board itself. In other words, very good. Battery life is dependent, however, on personal vaping habits. Higher wattages will deplete the battery faster than lower ones, as will low resistance coils. This is a function of current draw; an Ohm’s Law calculator will illustrate this fact. The more current you use, the faster the battery dies. Always carry spares if you vape at high wattage.

I’m reluctant to spend money on a new, unproven system. Tell me why I should.

First, while the Futura may be new, the DNA 20 is already 9 months old, which in vaping terms is practically a lifetime. Many mods have been built using this board, and the reviews have been outstanding.

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Evolv, makers of the DNA 20, is a domestic company committed to the highest quality products and stands by everything they produce, as do we. If, within the warranty period, you experience any problems with your Futura please return it at our cost and we’ll make it right.

What if I drop my Futura off a cliff or run over it with my Prius? How will it hold up?

Frankly, the Futura’s built like a tank and should withstand normal wear, tear, and even some abuse. However, we don’t guarantee against any and all circumstances. If you drop it, for example, and it stops working, send it back (please see detailed warranty conditions). If you flatten it like a pancake we’ll be glad to supply you a brand new shiny unit at the normal price.

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