Your Futura is an extremely user-friendly device, and functions similarly to other power-regulated PVs. Please follow these simple instructions to enjoy the best performance from your unit.


The Futura is a modular PV consisting of five user-configurable pieces, which include:

  • The control head and top cap
  • Main battery tube
  • Two extension tubes
  • Battery cap

These screw together to form a single, elegant unit.

Please use only IMR high drain batteries!  Use of any other battery type is dangerous and will void your warranty!

In order to achieve reverse-battery protection, only button-top IMR batteries may be used. Flat top batteries will not work.


Your Futura comes equipped with an adjustable center post. This feature allows you to set the atomizer height and ensure a good connection. Simply use a normal screwdriver to rotate the post clockwise (lower) or counterclockwise (higher). Do not over-tighten the post.

Additionally, we’ve included a “set screw” post for atomizers with positive pins too small to make good contact with the standard post. If your atomizer doesn’t fire with the standard post, simply unscrew it and replace with the set screw. Again, be careful not to over-tighten.


All Futura top caps (except the 510-only) accept both 510 and Ego-connected atomizers. No adapters are necessary.


Mini: Control head, main battery tube, and battery cap. Requires an 18350 battery.

Medium: Control head, main battery tube, one extension tube. Requires an 18490 battery.

Long: Control head, main battery tube, two extension tubes. Requires and 18650 battery.


The Futura uses a unique rocker system for adjusting the wattage. Pressing the rocker’s left side lowers the wattage; the right side raises it.


Futuras are built with the finest materials to very exacting and durable standards, and, as such, don’t require and special maintenance. That said, here are some tips for best performance:

  • Clean the battery tube threads from time to time with an electrical contact cleaner, and re-grease with Noalox electrically conductive lubricant. Do not use regular oils or greases.
  • Keep the drip well and atomizer connector threads clean.
  • Occasionally remove the center post and clean.
  • Occasionally clean the battery positive contact (located at the bottom of the control head). A pencil eraser works great.


The fire button requires a light touch to activate. Avoid excessive pressure when powering the device.

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