The Next Generation of Variable Power

The Futura is powered by the DNA 20 with its well-known, abundant feature set, and includes:

  • Adjustable positive atomizer contact
  • Flush-to-tube body rocker-style power adjuster
  • Native 510 and Ego atomizer connectors
  • Deep drip well
  • Soft touch actuator buttons
  • Deeply recessed display screen for added protection
  • Reverse battery protection
  • Modular construction to allow any 18X battery size
  • Extremely robust construction
  • Mil-spec materials and finishes

Each unit is hand built and fully tested before shipping.

Entirely conceived, sourced and built in the USA, and made with the finest, most durable materials available Futura combines the most requested features, form factors, and finishes of any high-end PV to date.  The Futura is a 100% compromise-free device.


Body tubes: 7075 Ballistic Grade Aluminum
Power adjuster: 7075 Ballistic grade Aluminum
Battery and top caps: 316L Surgical/Marine Grade Stainless steel
510/Ego connector: 316L Surgical/Marine Grade Stainless steel
Power adjuster housing: Delrin
Fire button: Delrin
Insulators: Delrin
Internal support structures: Delrin
Battery spring: Beryllium copper
Wiring: Mil-spec Teflon insulated silver plated copper wire
Adjustable atomizer contact: Brass
Battery contact: Brass
External finish: Cerakote Firearm Ceramic Coating in a variety of colors and patterns


In 18650 mode: 5.5″ long, 15/16″ tube diameter.
In 18500 mode: 5″ long, all other dimensions as above.
In 18350 mode: 4 3/8″ long. all other dimensions as above.

Top Caps

Contoured: 510 and Ego connectors, 21 mm diameter (at top)
Tapered: 510 and Ego connectors, 22 mm diameter (at top)
Tapered 510: 10 connector, 22 mm diameter (at top) – reduces overall device length by ¼”

For ful DNA 20D specs, please visit Evolv at http://evolvapor.com/wp-content/uploads/dna20.pdf

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