Subdistrict Maps
Kenton County

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Anna Lane (Maher Meadows Subdivision) Subdistrict C
Ashford Road Subdistrict A
Banklick Road (from Walton Nickolson to Maher) Subdistrict G
Banklick Road (from Bristow to Maher) Subdistrict C
Berlander Drive (stops at 684 Berlander Drive) Subdistrict C
Bethel Grove Subdistrict E
Bird Road (KY 17 to Wynewood) Subdistrict B
Bowman Road (KY 16 to end of road) Subdistrict A
Bramlage Road (from Wilson to Banklick) Subdistrict G
Brandy Lane Subdistrict E
Brian Drive (Maher Meadows Subdivision) Subdistrict C
Briarcrest Lane Subdistrict A
Bromley Crescent Springs Road Subdistrict E
Bullock Penn Road (from Old Madison to dead end) Subdistrict G
Callant Road (from KY 17 to end of County Right-a-Way) Subdistrict C
Camin Lane (from Green Rd to the end of Camin Lane) Subdistrict C
Camp Drive Subdistrict M
Celtic Court Subdistrict A
Chandrel Court Subdistrict K
Cherry Drive Subdistrict G
Cheval Drive (from Green Rd to the end of Cheval Dr) Subdistrict C
Chinkapin Circle Subdistrict C
Cody Road (from address 5364 to Upton Drive) Subdistrict G
Cody Road (from Flaggstone to address 5545) Subdistrict G
Coleman Road Subdistrict K
Coleman Road (KY 177 to end of street) Subdistrict R
Colton Court Subdistrict C
Cotswold Way Subdistrict A
Cruise Creek Road Subdistrict M
Crystal Court Subdistrict RL
Crystal Drive Subdistrict RL
Crystal Lane Subdistrict RL
Decoursey Pike (to 14691) Subdistrict M
Decoursey Pike (to 15112) Subdistrict M
Dixon Subdistrict I
Donegal Court Subdistrict A
Dorman Drive (Hickory Grove to end of road) Subdistrict A
Ernst Bridge Road Subdistrict RL
Estate Lane (from Visalia to the  dead end) Subdistrict G
Farmview Drive (Moffett Road to end of pavement) Subdistrict B
Feiser Road (Porter Road to Locust Pike) Subdistrict R
Fiskburg Road (KY 17 to Goshorn Road) Subdistrict E
Fontana Road Subdistrict M
Fowler Creek Road (from address 5346 to Cox/Oliver) Subdistrict G
Fowler Creek Road (from Senour to address 5282) Subdistrict G
Foxbourne Lane Subdistrict A
Galway Court Subdistrict A
Graven Road Subdistrict M
Gardnersville Road (from KY 17 for the first 0.8 miles) Subdistrict C
Glenhurst Drive (Subdistrict stops at Intersection of Glenhurst Drive and Berlander Drive, off Maher Road) Subdistrict C
Graven Road (From Maher, 4,400' towards Wright Road) Subdistrict C
Green Road (KY 16 to US 25) Subdistrict C
Gretchen Drive (Ryland Estates Subdivision - Stewart to end of road) Subdistrict A
Hempfling Road Subdistrict M
Hempfling Road (first 2.1 miles) Subdistrict C
Hickory Grove Drive (KY 16 to end of road) Subdistrict A
Hillside Drive Subdistrict RL
Hollyhock Road (Wolf to address 641) Subdistrict G
Hornbean Drive Subdistrict C
Independence Road (from Shaw to Maher Road, Maher 2700' towards Banklick) Subdistrict C
Independence Road (from address 1068 to Banklick Road) Subdistrict G
Ishmael Road (KY 177 to 1200') Subdistrict E
Jones Subdistrict I
Kenton Station (between Decoursey and Water) Subdistrict G
Kenton Station (Rector Road to KY 177) Subdistrict E
Kildare Court Subdistrict A
Klein Road (from Visalia to the dead end) Subdistrict G
Klette Road Subdistrict K
KY 17/Madison Pike (14192 to 15960 – Gleason to Pendleton County Line) Subdistrict C
KY 177 (500’ North of Wards to 2,900’ South of Wards) Subdistrict R
KY 177 (Porter Road to 800’ North) Subdistrict R
KY 177 (Porter Road to Pruett Road) Subdistrict A
KY 177 (Pruett Road to Ryland Lakes Drive) Subdistrict R
KY 177 (From Subdistrict R to short Marshall) Subdistrict RF
KY 177 (North of Kenton Station 7100') Subdistrict E
KY 177 (North of Vises Trail 4250') Subdistrict E
KY 177 (South of Kenton Station 5400') Subdistrict E
KY 177 (South of Vises Trail 2850') Subdistrict E
Lakeshore Subdistrict G
Lakeview (From Taylor Mill Road (KY 16) To end of Road) Subdistrict M
Licking Station Subdistrict E
Lieberman Road (Libscomb to address 5919) Subdistrict G
Limerick Court Subdistrict A
Locust Pike (650’ West of Whites end of road) Subdistrict R
Locust Pike (Feiser Road to Wards Lane) Subdistrict R
Lyonia Drive Subdistrict C
Maher Road (from Banklick Road to Kenton/Boone County Line) Subdistrict C
Maher Road (from Independence Road to Banklick) Subdistrict C
Manor Hill Subdistrict A
Manor Hill Drive Subdistrict A
Manor Lake Drive (KY 16 to end of road) Subdistrict A
Maple Subdistrict G
Maplewood Drive Subdistrict RL
Marshall Road Subdistrict K
Marshall Road (KY 177 to #9325) Subdistrict G
Marshall Road (KY 16 to Stewart Road) Subdistrict A
Martin Road (from Sudistrict B to Staffordsburg Road) Subdistrict C
Martin Road (Moffett Road to 3,650’) Subdistrict B
McDonald Avenue Subdistrict E
Meadow Lane Subdistrict RL
Mills Road (Marshall to Taylor Mill Water Service Area (5,700’)) Subdistrict A
Mirror Court Subdistrict RL
Misty Lane Subdistrict G
Moffett Road (KY 17 to George Bach Road) Subdistrict B
Mulberry Lane (Rolling Greene Subdivision off of Green Road) Subdistrict C
North Lake Subdistrict G
Northcutt Road Subdistrict M
Northall Court Subdistrict RL
Oliver Road Subdistrict E
Orchard Lane Subdistrict RL
Parker Drive (Maher Meadows Subdivision) Subdistrict C
Paxton Road (from KY 17 for the first 0.65 miles) Subdistrict C
Percival Road Subdistrict C
Petty Road (from Marshall to 3927 Pruett Road) Subdistrict G
Pleasure Isle Drive (from address 305-A to 400) Subdistrict G
Porter Road (KY 177 to 7,500’) Subdistrict R
Porter Road (from Tecumseh approx. 500') Subdistrict RF
Pruett Road (KY 177 to 300’) Subdistrict A
Rector Road (from Subdistrict B to Kenton Station Road) Subdistrict C
Rector Road (Moffett Road to 8,100’) Subdistrict B
Redbud Lane Subdistrict RL
Redrow Lane (Locust Pike to end of street) Subdistrict R
Rice Road Subdistrict K
Rich Road (from KY 17 for the first 2.1 miles) Subdistrict C
Rich Road Subdistrict M
Riggs Road (KY 16 to end of road) Subdistrict A
Rosehawk Lane (Forrest Ridge Subdivision off of Moffett) Subdistrict B
Rouse Road Subdistrict M
Ryland Lakes Drive Subdistrict RL
Ryland Trace Drive (Subdivision off KY 177) Subdistrict A
Saylor Court Subdistrict K
Spencely Court Subdistrict K
Short Marshall (KY 177 East 500') Subdistrict RF
Silverbell Way Subdistrict A
South Fork Drive Subdistrict C
Spanton Road (Locust Pike to 1,300’) Subdistrict R
Spillman Road (KY 17 to end of road) Subdistrict C
St. Johns Road Subdistrict E
Stablegate Drive Subdistrict C
Staffordsburg Road (from KY 16 to Martin Road) Subdistrict C
Staffordsburg Road (Marshall Road to Maverick) Subdistrict A
Stanley Lane (Maher Meadows Subdivision) Subdistrict C
Stephenson Road (from Green Road for the first 0.5 miles) Subdistrict C
Stewart Road (Marshall to KY 177) Subdistrict A
Sugar Camp Road (address 2760 to Fowler Creek) Subdistrict G
Sussex Court Subdistrict A
Sylvan Lake Drive Subdistrict RL
Symbo Lane (from Green Road for the first 0.6 miles) Subdistrict C
Tamber Ridge Drive Subdistrict K
Taylor Mill Road Subdistrict I
Tecumseh Lane Subdistrict RF
Teegarden Lane (Bowman to end of road) Subdistrict A
Tennyson Court Subdistrict A
Thoroughbred Lane Subdistrict C
Tupelo Drive (Glennhurst Subdivision, off Maher Road) Subdistrict C
Upton Drive (Cody Road to dead end) Subdistrict G
US 25 (Walton City Limits to KY 14) Subdistrict C
Visailia Road (from Staffordsburg Road for 2 miles) Subdistrict C
Vises Trail (from KY 177 to 1150' south of Visalia Road) Subdistrict E
Wards Lane  (Locust Pike to KY 177) Subdistrict R
Waterford Court Subdistrict A
Webster Road (from address 251 to 270) Subdistrict G
Whitaker Avenue Subdistrict E
Whites Road (KY 177 to Locust Pike) Subdistrict R
Wild Lake Drive Subdistrict RL
Willowhurst Trace Subdistrict A
Winderemere Hill Subdistrict A
Wright Road Subdistrict M
Wolf Road (from Valley View to KY 177) Subdistrict G
Wynewood Trail (Bird Road to end of road) Subdistrict B
York Road (from US 25 to for the first 0.4 miles) Subdistrict C